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mathias  guillemette

Road and track cycling athlete
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About me

Age: 21 years old;

Nationality: Canadian;
City: Trois-Rivieres (Quebec) Canada;

Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Programme Alliance Sports-Études;

Cycling on road and track since 2010;
Type of cyclist:
Road - Puncher | Track - endurance;
Places of training:
Road: The roads of Mauricie, Quebec;
Track: Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont, Quebec

and Mattamy National Cycling Center, Milton, Ontario;

Of season: On my Wahoo Kickr plugged into Zwift.
Sport status:
  • Athlete identified "EXCELLENCE" by the Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes (FQSC);
  • Development Carding (D) | SPORT CANADA;
  • Registered in "Cycling Canada national athlete talent pool, level: II".
Cycling teams:
  • Premier Tech X Endo Lévis Team, 2023;
  • Chaney W&D Track Cycling Team |USA, 2023;
  • Men’s Track Endurance Squad, 2022 at present;
  • Men’s Track Endurance NextGen Squad, 2021;
  • X-Speed United Continental Cycling Team, 2021;
  • Desjardins-Ford / Cromwell cycling team, 2020;
  • Canadian Junior Endurance Team, 2019;
  • Les Dynamiks de Contrecoeur cycling team, 2019;
  • Quebec Team - Road and Track, since 2017 at present;
  • Équipe Vélo Mauricie - EVM, 2010 to 2018.
Laura Brown, he assumes the role of personal trainer, he sees to the development of my energy chains in order to increase my sports performances. In addition, he accompanies me as a mentor in all stages of my cycling career.
Greg Lewandowski,, physical trainer at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario|CSIO. In concert with my personal trainer, he sees the development of my power, the quality of my cladding and strength distribution in my segments and that I maintain a good muscle balance.
Honors and distinctions:
  • Named "International Men's Athlete" at the 39e Gala Sport-Hommage Desjardins de la Mauricie 2023;
  • Named "International Athlete of the month|november 2022" by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclists;
  • Named "Male Excellence Athlete of the Year | Track", at the FQSC 2022 Quebec Cycling Merit;
  • Named "International Athlete of the month |october 2022" by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclists;
  • Named "Sports achievement | Elite Athlete" at the Soirée Sport-Hommage Desjardins 2022;
  • Named "Male athlete - COUP DE COEUR | DESJARDINS and Sports achievement | Elite Athlete" at the Soirée Sport-Hommage Desjardins 2021;
  • Named "Men's Next Up Athlete of the Year - Road and Track", at the Quebec FQSC 2020 Cycling Merit;
  • Named "Canada Men's Athlete" at the 38e Gala Sport-Hommage Desjardins de la Mauricie 2020;
  • Named "Finalist 2019 - Male Athlete Quebec" at the 46th Gala SPORTSQUEBEC;
  • Named "Quebec Men's Athlete" at the 37e Gala Sport-Hommage Desjardins de la Mauricie 2019;
  • Named "Men's Hope Athlete of the Year - Road and Track", at the FQSC 2018 Quebec Cycling Merit;
  • Named "Hope Athlete of the Month | May 2018" by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes;
  • Designated as flag bearer for the Mauricie region during the closing ceremony of the "53rd Quebec Games Final";
  • Scholarship, FAEQ - 2021;
  • Scholarship, FAEQ - Alcoa, 2020;
  • Scholarship, Fondation Jeux du Québec, 2019;
  • Scholarship, Physio-Santé Trois-Rivières, 2019;
  • Scholarship, Club Médaille D’Or, 2018 and 2021;
  • Scholarship, Claude-Mongrain, 2016 and 2019;
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Vision | Mission | Values
To be a high performance cycling athlete at the Olympic Games.

Develop all my athletic qualities by achieving, in a constant way, better performances worthy of a podium at the Olympic Games.

Excellence is a habit. Every day, I look for performance and improvement solutions, working with my coaches and teammates to achieve greater success, while remaining attentive to their ideas and opinions.
People and their views matter. I accept the consequences of my actions and treat my teammates and opponents with dignity.
Trust is built on integrity. I am determined to build trusting relationships by acting with honesty, loyalty and fairness.
Always faster, higher, stronger... but pleasure above all!
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Cyclisme Canada logo
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SINCE 2010, I won:
  • 195 Podiums;
  • 1 Canadian Elite Track Champion title | Madison, 2022 and 2023;
  • 1 Canadian Elite Track Vice-Champion title | Omnium, 2022;
  • 1 Quebec Criterium Champion Elite title (Junior), 2019;
  • 2 Quebec Track Champion titles, 2018 and 2019;
  • 1 Quebec Road Champion title, 2017;
  • 1 Quebec Vice-Champion on Road title, 2018;
  • 1 Winner of the "Quebec Cup" on the road, 2018;
  • 4 Gold medals and 1 bronze medal at the finals of the 2016 and 2018 Quebec Games;
  • 1 Canadian record, Team Pursuit 4 km, 2019 UCI Junior Track World Championships.
Since 2010, I participated:
  • 2  Stage races at the national level;

  • 7  UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup;

  • 31 "Quebec Cup" on the road;

  • 6  Quebec Championships "Espoir" and Elite on the road;

  • 5  Quebec Championships "Espoir" on track;

  • 4  Canadian Track Championships;

  • 2  Canadian Road Championships;

  • 2  Finals of the Quebec Games;

  • 1  Commonwealth Games (2022);

  • 1  UCI Junior Track World Championships;

  • 2  UCI Elite Track World Championships (2021-22);

  • 1  UCI Track Champions League (2022).

Cyclist athlete goals:
  • Participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games;

  • Participate in the UCI Elite Track World Championships;

  • Participate in all UCI Track Nations Cups with Track Endurance National Team;

Canadian | Record


Team pursuit 4 km

August 14, 2019 | Time: 4:05.358 ;

UCI Junior Track World Championships, Oderlandhalle Velodrome, Frankfurt Oder, Germany

#1 Mathias Guillemette, #2 Jackson Kinniburgh, #3 Sean Richardson, #4 Tristan Jussaume;




Personals | Records

Team Pursuit 4 km

April 20, 2023 | Temp: 3:52.749 ;

2023 TISSOT UCI TRACK NATION CUP #3 | Milton, Canada

#1 Mathias Guillemette, #2 Michael Foley, #3 Carson Mattern, #4 Dylan Bibic;


Individual Pursuit 4 km

January 8, 2023 | Time: 4:19.666 ;

Canadian Track Championships Elite | Milton, ON, Canada


Kilo TT

January 8, 2023 | Time: 1:02.196 ;

Canadian Track Championships Elite | Milton, ON, Canada

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Maximize its penetration into the air with 7 aerodynamic optimization factors

  1. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  2. The geometry and characteristics of the bike;

  3. The choice of wheels

  4. The second skin;

  5. Aero helmets;

  6. Socks and shoe covers;

  7. Chain reaction;

  8. Measure aerodynamics.

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I consider that the participation of the donor organizations and my sponsors is a guarantee of success and represents a very good example of partnership with a Quebec athlete of high level. These donors are committed to my athletic and academic development and the pursuit of my goals.


It is an advantage for me to work with them and a great privilege to be able to count on their generosity. Their interest and enthusiasm touch me and inspire me to go beyond each day.


Thank you for your support !

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Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont

Vélodrome Sylvan Adams | Centre multisports Desjardins

400, rue Shefford, Bromont, Qc  J2L 3E7


OPTIMUM - La station cycliste
1896 Rte des Rivières,
Lévis, Qc  G7A 1J2   
(418) 836-6022

LogoGV_2lignes_FondBlanc copie.jpg

Groupe Vincent 
Shawinigan Chrysler | Prestige Mazda | Avantage Honda | Hyundai Shawinigan

5820 boul. Royal, Shawinigan, QC       


Maçonnerie L. N. Beaudoin inc.

217, Dessureault, Trois-Rivières, QC


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Programme Athlètes branchés de BELL 

En partenariat  avec Samsung et le Comité olympique canadien.

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Brix vous offre un puissant mélange d'électrolyte, de glucides et d’antioxydant en fabriquant des gels énergétiques 100% naturels faits à partir de l'érable.


Excellence Sportive Mauricie 

260 Dessureault,

Trois-Rivières, Québec

Excellence Sportive Mauricie LOGO.jpg

Institut National du Sport du Québec

4141 Ave Pierre-De Coubertin,

Montréal, QC      

Gala Sport-Hommage Desjardins Mauricie 

Trois-Rivières, QC  

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Programme d’aide aux athlètes

C'est un programme de finance-ment du sport qui contribue à la recherche de l’excellence à  des compétitions de niveau international.

Programme Équipe Québec


Programme offrant aux athlètes québécois participant régulière-ment à des compétitions sur la scène internationale un appui financier.


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